In December 2013, the Jerusalem Center for Jewish and Christian Relations and members of the tourism industry convened a conference to discuss the issues related to Fair Tourism in the Holy Land. As part of the ideas discussed at the conference, we have produced an online catalog of services, providers, and programs that embody the values of Fair Tourism.


This online catalog is an important resource for individuals, groups, tour guides, and tour operators who seek to provide an understanding of the complex realities of the Holy Land. Tourists who choose service providers affiliated with Fair Tourism will recieve encounters with a variety of communites and an experience with a high standard of respect for environmental and cultural values. Organizations suggested by the catalog supply either small activities such as day-trips or workshops, or a complete tour plan and schedule.

Each organization must meet the majority of these criteria:

  • Registered as a business or non-profit

  • Contributes to local economy

  • Cooperates with local community

  • Disabled Access

  • Intercultural encounters

  • Interreligious encounters

  • Emphasis on multiple narratives

  • Regional bi-national movement and/or activity

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