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Abraham Hostels and Tours is a tour and accommodation business in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Nazareth. We operate tours around the region with employees from all sectors of society, and pay fair wages to our staff and operators. With partnerships with local guides, hospitality providers, guesthouses and hostels, we contribute to the local economies where we operate, and further –  our tours are focused on immersing customers in the regions they visit, rather than simply providing a coach and guide service.



Abraham is known as the father of monotheism and was the first known person to travel throughout the Middle East. He journeyed throughout the lands between the Nile and Euphrates, accepting hospitality from those whose homes he visited, and extending hospitality to anyone who passed near his tent. We, the staff and owners of Abraham Hostel Jerusalem wish to extend Abraham’s biblical hospitality to our time. That is why we have also created our dream hostel, to support travelers and modern tourists in the Middle East.



Our tours focus on exposing our travelers to the various complexities, narratives and situations which exist within the regions we operates, and we provide an extensive number of political and religious tours which go beyond providing one perspective, and encourage the traveler to reach their own conclusions.  Also, Our environmental efforts in our hostels have been extensive, with partnerships in community gardens in our local areas, extensive recycling and composting efforts, as well as minimizing our use of unnecessary power and water through efficiency methods in our rooms and common areas.



Our activities range from culinary workshops and cultural immersions, to dual-narrative, religious and politically focused tours.  We partner with local guides and guesthouses from all sectors of the regions in which we operate, in order to provide for a more genuine and valuable experience for the traveler. That way we contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities of the regions in which we operate, as well as assist in developing the local economy.

Cost: $$

Duration of Activity: Depends on Activity

Community/Narrative: Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim


Gil Volfson

67 Haneviim St.



``From day tours to Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea, to religious tours of the sites in Bethlehem, through to dual-narrative political tours of Hebron, our tours not only vary in style, format and content, but also vary widely in the focus and perspectives which they offer to travelers visiting the region.``



Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation

Saint Lazare Holy Land- Green Pilgrim

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Dev

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