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This Centre is for people who wish to further their knowledge of the Scriptures and to discover or re-discover the Land of the Bible. It is open to Christians who wish to study the origins of their faith, exploring the religious, cultural, historical, political and social context in the Land where the Word of God took flesh. It is for Christians who wish to be enriched by the unique experience of being in a land where Jews, Christians and Muslims give expression to their living faith today.

Cost: $$$$

Duration of Activity: 72 Hours

Community/Narrative: Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim


Sr Bernadette Lynch


(02) 627-7292  

Ecce Homo Convent
P O Box 67597
Jerusalem 9119001

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``Fair to as many as possible. Fair to Christians, to Muslims, to Jews.
Fair to Israelis and Palestinians. FAIR to the participants in our programs. It must be fair because they come with certain expectations and we strive to meet these as well as possible.
Ethically I feel we must also strive to give them some insight into the complex cultural, religious and political realities here.
Yet they also encounter the land today. The land with a rich variety of cultures, religious expressions, political views. I try to give them time to absorb some of the reality around them amidst a busy program.``



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