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Galileat runs culinary programmes in the villages of the Galilee. The primary programme is a 4 hour cooking workshop and home hospitality in the houses of Muslim, Druze and Christian hosts. In these workshops, the participants, both from overseas and Jewish Israelis, learn to cook the authentic local Galilean dishes. The workshop is followed by a large banquet.
In reality, it’s not just about the food. The cooking and the food are a means for participants to learn and understand about an integral part of Israeli culture that is not shown in the mainstream. Participants finish a Galileat programme with a different view and understanding of the culture and lifestyle of Israel’s Arabic speaking minority, whilst having learnt to cook exotic food and had a great meal. It’s educational, tasty and a whole lot of fun

Cost: $$

Duration of Activity: 4 Hours

Israeli, Christian, Muslim, Druze


Paul Nirens


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Tuval d.n.
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``A grass-roots, non political project that promotes goodwill and understanding between Israeli Jews and Arabs. Galileat shows that Jews and Arabs can work together, without friction, as equals, in the Galilee. We know that real peace is made by people, not politicians and we hope that we can contribute a little to this aim.
1- Showing both foreign tourists and Jewish Israelis real Druze and Muslim culture and lifestyle.
2 - Brings important income to Galilean families, whilst allowing the wives to work from home.
4 - Hosts are paid fairly. Almost 70% of fees are paid directly to the host family.
3 - Empowerment of women - Women who have ````just```` spent their lives as housewives suddenly discover that thay have skills that other people are interested in learning from them AND these skills contribute to the income of the family
4 - Respect for local culture. Guests finish a programme with an understanding and respect for the culture of the host. This is especialy true with Muslim hosts. I call it ``de-demonization`` where guest can see that Israel's Muslim Palestinian minority are regular everyday people who strive to be accepted by the Israeli mainstream, on their terms
5 - Respect for local traditions. Olive harvest and winter greens foraging allows``



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