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The International Department of Givat Haviva (visitor center) offers seminars programs for overseas visitor groups coming to Israel. Participants from all over the world of all backgrounds and ages attend seminars ranging from a few hours to a full day. The participants in our seminars include groups of university students, journalists, politicians, academics, social workers, educators, youth movement teens, members of Jewish community centers, synagogue congregations, Jewish and non-Jewish high-school students, Christian pilgrims and clergy, as well as young people curremntly volunteering in a kibbutzim.

We believe educating about the Arab citizens of Israel is the first step towards a new Shared community, Coexistence and equality.

In our seminars, we talk about: Who are the Arab citizens of Israel? Who are the Palestinians? What do they share in common and what really is different? What is the relationship between the Arab citizens of Israel and the Palestinians? What is the relationship between Arab citizens of Israel and the Jewish majority? Our guided tours of Wadi Ara region help seminars participants learn how Arab citizens of Israel are related to the Palestinians and how they relate to each other. What and Where are the Green Line and the security fence? Are the security fence, wall and barrier all different entities or basically the same?

This is an opportunity to learn about a very unique central area of the country as far as demographics are concerned, the majority of the locals being Arab citizens of Israel:

Visit the extensive Wadi Ara campus of the Givat Haviva Educational Center where the main theme of activities: shared living and peace education. Meet with Jewish and Arab members of staff dealing with the daily realities of trying to make a difference and bring about a more positive future for all. Learn about and see the area parallel to the main road that is the 1949 Armistice Line and nowadays security fence between Israel and the West Bank. Visit the Arab Muslim village of Barta’a, divided by the Green Line in 1949. A fascinating story and on-going as one part of the village is in the State of Israel, the other – since the Oslo Peace Accords – an area under the Palestinian Authority.

In addition to our standard programs mention above, we offer seminars, lectures & workshops also from other departments with varies topics that certainly related, here are some examples:

• Shared community initiative – Our Flag program

• The Givat Haviva Peace Educational programs

• The “Kibbutz” – Past-Present-Future

• “The Arab Minority in Israel” – Academic Lecture

• Visit exhibitions in the “Moreshet” Holocaust museum

• Visit “Hashomer Hazair” youth movement exhibition

• A Tours to Givat Haviva Arts center

• Introduction to Arabic Language and Culture & word games

• Israel Folk dances – usually an evening activity

• Arabic music & cultural activity

Cost: Pricing depends on seminar length and content & number of lecturers decided upon. Prices are per group up to 1 full bus (about 50 participants max)

Duration of Activity: 2 1\2 Hours

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Keren Farkash


International Department


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``The Center for a Shared Society at Givat Haviva aims to build an inclusive, socially cohesive society in Israel by engaging divided communities in collective action towards the advancement of a sustainable, thriving Israeli democracy based on mutual responsibility, civic equality and a shared vision of the future.
Givat Haviva is a non-profit organization founded in 1949 by the Kibbutz Federation.
The Givat Haviva International Department offers a variety of informal and unique tours and learning programs to international audiences interested in learning from Givat Haviva's extensive experience in shared society building for the past 60 years
In our seminars, we try to give the most complete and balanced program we can offer - optimally getting the chance to hear from both sides of the narrative - Jewish and Arab speakers.
After our seminar, we cannot promise to give a clear answer to all the participant's questions. We can however definitely promise that they will have a much better understanding of the complexities involved in the subjects touched upon during a visit to the campus and the immediate area of Wadi Ara.``



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