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Juha’s Guesthouse is a great place for backpackers from Israel and around the world to meet and learn about the unique history of the village. We offer activities which promote responsible tourism in Jisr az-Zarqa and help the local population through our social business model.


Young Leaders
The program combines English learning and empowerment of local youth. It encourages them to take part in leading their community to a better future, such as by training them to guide tours in English in their village while sharing their story’s. This creates meaningful encounters between the Young Leaders, Israeli-Jewish youths, and international visitors.


Tours organized by Juha’s Guesthouse include the unique history of Jisr az-Zarqa, the present situation in the village, as well as the story behind the Juha’s Guesthouse. Tours include encounters with local youth in our Young Leaders program and a walking route through the village to the beach, highlighting the geography of Israel’s only remaining coastal Arab village.


Arab Dinner

Juha’s Guesthouse arranges authentic Arab dinners and cooking workshops in the community. This provides additional income to some women from the village and gives our guests the opportunity to experience life in the village and enjoy a traditional Arab meal.


Open Gallery
The Open Gallery is located on the first floor of the guesthouse and functions as a cultural and educational space. Events such as open mics or movie nights are a great way for the locals and our guests to meet. Educational programs like free English classes and handcrafts workshops help to improve the quality of life in Jisr az-Zarqa.

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Duration of Activity: Depends on Activity

Community/Narrative: Israeli, Jewish, Muslim


Ahmad Juha

Omar abn Hatab 151

Jisr az-Zarqa


Juha’s Guesthouse


`` Jisr-az Zarqa is the only Arab village located on the Israeli coastline. Although it is located between two popular tourist sites (Caesarea and Ma'agan Michael), tourism in the village is as yet unknown. The local people have been isolated and, as a result, lack livelihood opportunities in their village to add much needed economic development. We established the first guesthouse in Jisr az-Zarqa not only to help improve the village's socioeconomic situation, but also give to give both international and local travelers an opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the village and the warmth and friendliness of its residents. Juha's Guesthouse also brings new employment and business possibilities to the people of Jisr az-Zarqa as it develops into a tourist destination. Furthermore the guesthouse is a social business, which means we are using our resources to benefit the local population. Examples of this are our ``Open Gallery``, which serves as a local cultural and educational center, and the ``Young Leaders`` program, which provides local youth with classes on English and leadership to enable them to guide tours and share their knowledge about the village with visitors from all over the world. As part of our vision of promoting responsible tourism in Jisr az-Zarqa, we accept volunteers to help us run the guesthouse and work on social projects with locals. ``



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