West Bank


MachsomWatch volunteers meet with Palestinian women and children. These encounters are an opportunity for Palestinian women and children to meet Israelis without the military presence. We conduct tours in the West Bank  to introduce Israelis and foreign guests to the reality of life under the Occupation. We conduct virtual tours in community centers and private homes for those who want to learn about the Occupation through films, lectures, and maps. We invite groups of young students or organizations for workshops, tours or lectures. We lecture and meet with foreign guests in Israel and abroad and share our experiences as activists against the Occupation and for Human Rights.

Cost: $$

Duration of Activity: 5 Hours

Community/Narrative: Israeli


Roni Hammermann

+972 2 5661601

Nayot 28

Jerusalem 9370436

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MachsomWatch is a volunteer organization of Israeli women who are peace activists from all sectors of society. We oppose the Israeli occupation in the area known as the West Bank, we oppose the appropriation of Palestinian land and the denial of Palestinian human rights. We support the right of Palestinians to move freely in their land and oppose the checkpoints which severely restrict Palestinian daily life. Since 2001 we have been observing and reporting on the Occupation. On a daily basis, we monitor the West Bank checkpoints,the separation fences, the agricultural gates, the military courts and Palestinian villages. We document what we see and what is reported to us by local Palestinians.



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