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Custom tours: From academia to non-profits, religious groups to corporate travel, MEJDI Tours offers fully customized itineraries tailored to meet your group’s values, goals, interests, and needs. With a comprehensive range of traveler services—from tour ideas to post-tour feedback—our custom tours are the most comprehensive in the industry.
Multi narratives tours: By highlighting diverse cultural, religious, political, and ethnic narratives, our multiple perspective approach to tourism enables travelers to gain a deeper understanding of our destinations and their populations, forging lasting friendships with both individuals and local organizations. Available as an option on any tour.
Luxury tours: When it comes to luxury travel, the sky’s the limit with MEJDI Tours, where comfort and meaningful travel go hand in hand.

Cost: $$, $$$, $$$$, customized

Duration of Activity: 3 Days

Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, Bahai, customized


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MEJDI Tours goes against the grain by rejecting the model of traditional consumer tourism—a highly commercialized experience that supports big business and often damages local communities—instead employing a revolutionary new model of tourism based on clients, communities, and financial and environmental sustainability. As an accredited B Corp, MEJDI Tours must meet demanding criteria of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. MEJDI goes the extra mile with voluntary participation in B Corp auditing, which ensures that the company continues to positively impact the communities in which we operate, the clients we serve, and the staff we employ. We honor clients by providing customized itineraries based on their values, grounded in positive engagement, with dedicated customer service, unrivaled exclusive access, and immersion in local cultures and narratives. We honor communities through fair wages, supporting local and small businesses, and enabling community members to share their heritage, culture, and personal stories through our unique multiple-narrative approach to tourism.




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