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Negev Coexistence Forum is a non-profit Arab-Jewish organization that struggles for civil equality in the Negev area (Southern part of Israel). Our staff includes Bedouin and Jewish residents of the Negev who share the belief that we all can and should live together in this area. NCF’s activities and projects are based on the principle of Arab-Jewish cooperation, struggling with a variety of communities to protect and ensure their access to civil and human rights. We work on a daily basis with representatives of the Bedouin unrecognized villages in the Negev, struggling together to grant state recognition for these communities. We see the tour that we offer as a main tool for advocacy and raising awareness for these issues, by letting people see the situation on the ground in their own eyes.

Cost: 500 NIS per group, lunch is optional (45/55 NIS per person)

Duration of Activity: 6 Hours

Community/Narrative: Muslim, Arab-Bedouin


Kessem Adiv


P.O. Box 130, Omer 84965, Israel

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``Our goal is to offer a deeper understanding of State policy towards the Arab Bedouin of the Negev regarding the allocation of resources, services and infrastructure to the community. Our aim is to show how this policy effects the Negev as a whole and the human rights of its inhabitants.
In the course of the tour we will explain the historical and political processes that have shaped the Negev and visit two types of settlement that have evolved as the result of these processes: an unrecognized Bedouin village and a government planned Bedouin town. We will meet with the residents and hear about their daily life reality.
The tour includes a lookout on the Negev area, a visit in a governmental planned town, and a visit in a Bedouin unrecognized village. It is possible to order a Bedouin lunch in one of the unrecognized village.``



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