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Since 2005, Siraj has managed to achieve its vision of becoming one of the most prominent and innovative organizations which has driven the development of responsible tourism, re-branding Palestine as a destination for experiential travel and human connection. As part of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People (, and the sole non-profit organization, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, our vision continues to be to welcome international visitors to immerse themselves into Palestinian hospitality, our cultural heritage and unspoiled nature, bringing about a life-enriching exchange and understanding between Palestinians and visitors from other cultural, religious and social backgrounds. Through Siraj’s vision, we were instrumental in leading the initiative to create the Network of Experiential Palestinian Tourism (, as well as the Palestinian Responsible Tourism initiative (


Michael Awad


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``Christmas pilgrimage for peace, local community training for responsible tourism, cycling programs, interfaith programs, fact finding programs, christian programs, theology seminars, youth exchange programs, local host family programs, hiking and cultural programs, twinning programs.
cooperation with Abraham Path Initiative, Palestine``



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