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SK Tours offers a variety of tours that combine outdoor experiences with a complex approach to the situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories through multiple perspectives and encounters. Coming from two different approaches, the founders of SK Tours combine their love for nature with their personal involvement in Jewish-Christian relations and the belief in the importance of encounters with locals.

Why travelling to Jerusalem in an air-conditioned bus while thousands of pilgrims walk along the St James Way every year? Combining pilgrimage with nature adventures, SK Tours offers an extraordinary experience on their various tours in the diverse landscapes of Israel and in the Palestinian territories. The tours offer alternatives to the classical pilgrimage by exploring the biblical landscape and connecting it with outdoor adventures for nature lovers.  On their tours visitors get in contact with Israeli and Palestinian locals and hence see and learn about different dimensions of the conflict.

The study tours show the diverse realities in Israel beyond the Middle East Conflict. Tourists see an innovative, vital, dynamic Israel with its flourishing economy despite the conflict. During the visit to the Palestinian territories, the focus is on the ‘footsteps of the future’ and on the Palestinian contribution to the future Middle East.

The country between the river and the sea is more than a conflict zone and SK Tours wants to show this diversity also the youngest members of our society. SK Tours offers tours designed for family vacations that combine relaxation and adventure with visits to ancient sides that make the inter-generational trip exciting for everyone involved!

Fair Travel

Fair Travel is a cooperation between the Israeli-German organization SK Tours and the Palestinian organization Lifegate that was born from the idea to create joint (study) tours. Participants of the tours of Fair Travel become Dividends of Peace by carrying their experience into the world and contributing to the change of the situation in Israel/ Palestine. Under the umbrella of Fair Travel, tourists are exposed to the divergent narratives of the Israeli and Palestinian Tour guides.

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Gedi Hampe, Georg Roessler

+972 – 2 – 6726095

43 Emek Refa’im St. German Colony, Jerusalem

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Based on the concept of economic cooperation as a first step towards positive change in the conflicted situation and with the belief that tourism in conflict zones has an ethical obligation, SK Tours exercises its activities exclusively in cooperation with local, private companies and organizations. SK Tours follows the aim of presenting multiple narratives to allow a comprehensive approach to the complexities of the reality in Israel and Palestine.
SK Tours and Fair Travels support the values of sustainable tourism and hence refuses low-budget tourism. Through the cooperation between SK Tours and Lifegate, the two organizations become one of the few who actively engage with the other side of the conflict as equal partners. With the link to Fair Travel, SK Tours offers its tour guides constant further training while bringing together Israeli and Palestinian guides.



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