Tour Prep

Things you may want to consider when preparing your tour:



The Holy Land (Israel and Palestine) is a country of two major national groups, holy for five religions (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, and Bahai) and the home of many different ethnic, religious, and social communities. Experiencing the Holy Land is also understanding this diversity. We recommend including encounters with people and places that are connected to the many different communities living in the Holy Land.





The Holy Land is also a place of national conflict. People across the country experience this conflict and are influenced by it in different ways. There is a wide and often contradicting range of views, opinions, and aspirations for a resolution of the conflict; not all these views will be readily encountered during a standard touristic experience. Power relations influence the visibility of many aspects of the conflict and often overshadow realities created by political structures. Therefore, in order to get a complex and multifaceted understanding of the conflict, we recommend including within the tour visits to localities, communities, museums, and sites that present multiple narratives of the conflict.

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